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Fabulous Coaching, Consulting & Mentoring: Discover YOU and the essence and authenticity of living a life that’s balanced ~ A life that makes your heart sing! Together we can discover your big why, design your ideal vision of success, ignite happiness and heartfelt joy, and take inspired action towards achieving your goals.  As a coach, consultant and mentor I help you discover YOU with clarity and prosperity.

  1. Foundation First – build a solid and balanced space for your life or business to grow.
  2. Believe – build confidence in your self and “own it” fully ~ affirm it is possible.
  3. Plan – steps and strategies to take inspired action, build momentum and make a quantum leap.
  4. Community & Networks – develop and define your support systems and environments for success.
  5. Being – create your vibrational presence and bring yourself to a state of grace, gratitude and personal empowerment.
  6. Celebration – celebrate your accomplishments, growth and abundance. Live in gratitude.
  7. Outcomes – make your mark, manifest your desires and transition towards mastery.
  8. Mastery – master your traits of ultimate success, own your unique gifts and maximize your potential.

Live your most fabulous life with passion & prosperity!

Everything you need is already inside of you and together we will unlock and unleash your own personal power, allowing you to uncover your essence, allowing you to shine brilliantly in this lifetime. I’m excited to share my special processes to help you DISCOVER YOU through coaching and mentoring! Here’s some things we can share together to live your most fabulous life.

  • Discover your personal WHY and live a life of passion and purpose
  • Achieve a balanced perspective in each of 8 areas of your life
  • Define the facets of life or business and establish clarity, direction and balance
  • Establish a crystal clear vision of success to define exactly what you want in pure abundance
  • Strategically define your action steps, plans and directives to affirm it is possible
  • Implement, define, empower and motivate you to take those steps daily ~ DASH to Success!
  • Visualize, plan and affirm new empowering habits to replace ones that no longer serve you
  • Mindset + Motivation = Magic 
  • Establish confidence, self-love and appreciation – Blossom your self worth and explore possibilities
  • Believe it’s possible, trust yourself and have faith in all that you are, all that you will be
  • Your legacy is now! 

Live the journey and feel the joy!

Now is the time to feel empowered to be your very best, and to live your most fabulous life in your highest awareness and consciousness. Let’s make it happen for you together. I invite you to join me for a complimentary consultation to discuss your directives. Book yours now online, call 1-888-689-1130 or email me personally – Let connect, I look forward to it!

Stay Fabulous!

Jodi Nicholson 


Inspirational Speaker, Coach & Consultant
Inspirational Speaker, Success Coach & Consultant

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